Leasing & Asset Value Release

Lease instead of buy and free up valuable Capital

We Partner with GRENKE, Europes leading IT Leasing Company. GRENKE enables small and mid-sized companies to simply lease the equipment they need, instead of purchasing them and tie up their valuable capital resources.


The benefits of leasing

In all its dealings with customers and partners, GRENKE’s primary objective is to create successful lasting relationships that benefit all involved.


Here’s what you can expect from GRENKE:


  • Efficient, fast turnaround
  • Face-to-face advice and assistance
  • Terms tailored to each customer’s needs


Leasing continues to grow in popularity. For many companies, it is already a core element of their financial strategy. But what advantages can leasing offer you?


Here are four good reasons for choosing to lease:


1.) Protects liquidity.

Leasing preserves precious capital and improves your creditworthiness with banks. A high-performance IT system does not come cheap: the cost of purchase can eat away at your liquidity, and require you to negotiate loans from banks or suppliers. Leasing is an alternative that won’t affect your ability to borrow, and won’t harm your balance sheet. Because the items remain the property of the leasing company, you safeguard your equity-to-total-assets ratio. So you benefit from state-of-the-art technology while strengthening your credit rating and balance sheet.


2.) Gives you a more reliable basis for budgeting.

Leasing innovative IT equipment makes financial sense. Rather than repeatedly forking out large amounts for purchases upfront, you pay regular instalments – and your business continues to earn, freeing up capital right from the word go. This “pay-as-you-earn” system is not the only benefit. Leasing instalments are predictable and predefined, giving you a reliable basis for financial planning.


3.) Make bigger and earlier investments in newer technology.

Replace high purchase costs with low instalments. Business development often demands the latest technology, meaning continual investment in information technology is vital to ensuring your success. But outright purchases tie up valuable capital, while ever-shorter product lifecycles often mean equipment may become obsolete before you see a return on your investment. GRENKE’s leasing services offer a way out. Low monthly instalments allow you to invest in state-of-the-art technology whenever you need it, giving you an invaluable competitive edge.


4.) Offers you flexibility.

GRENKE’s trade-up option ensures you keep pace with the breakneck speed of change. Purchasing IT equipment ties down capital long-term, while technology continues to evolve at the same pace as your business. That is why GRENKE’s leasing agreements include a trade-up option. Should leased assets be overtaken by faster, better, or simply more energy-efficient equipment, you can upgrade within the terms of your existing contract and, in many cases, without increasing instalments. So as your business grows, the scope of your leasing arrangement can grow with it.

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