Whether you’re a business user, someone who needs a PC for home  you should consider Lenovo laptops.

They frequently introduce new technology. Their new HDR screens are an example of this. But Lenovo have always enjoyed a reputation for building high-quality laptops.  With Lenovo you will always get a reliable, strongly built and value for money PC.

Lenovo was named ‘Best laptop Brand’ in 2018 Laptop Mag. Where they score over other manufacturers is their strength right across their range. From entry level laptops to their high-powered workstations Lenovo consistently get performance, design and value for money spot on.

Let’s look at Lenovo laptops in a little more detail.

Like most manufacturers Lenovo group their PCs into different series. The main brands within the Lenovo range are:

  • ThinkPad
  • Yoga
  • ideapad
  • V series
  • Legion

But within those series are a whole range of laptops with different specifications.


Probably the most recognisable of all Lenovo brands. Usually thought of as a business laptop but the Lenovo ThinkPad is suitable for all users.

Executive and professional users will find the mobile workstations can handle all their data crunching or creative tasks. High-end users will find ThinkPad Ultrabooks equal to any top of the range laptop produced by any other manufacturer. Many experts rate the X1 Carbon to be the best business laptop on the market.

But there are also mid-range ThinkPads which have the stylish design, fast processors and friendly price tag Lenovo are renowned for.


If you’re looking for a 2 in 1 laptop don’t look further than a Lenovo Yoga. Use as a laptop or a tablet and take advantage of the versatility Lenovo’s reliable 360 degree hinge provides. Ultrabook Yoga is the leading convertible laptop brand.





Lenovo’s brand of budget to mid-range laptops. With a variety of screen sizes from 11” to 15” and competitively priced  these are ideal entry level laptops. But the price tag doesn’t mean any compromises on quality. With an ideapad you get the same build quality, design and specs Lenovo put into their other brands.


On a budget? Need a reliable laptop for home or travel? Looking to equip a full workforce but conscious of the cost? The Lenovo V series will be ideal. Including laptops and Chromebooks the V series provides low priced PCs for everyday computing.


Legion is Lenovo’s gaming brand. They have managed to produce incredible gaming laptops while keeping within the budget of most gamers.  You’ll find powerful graphics cards, fast Intel processors and HDD / SSD combinations to handle the latest games with ease.






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